Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

How Can I Help


Purchase U.S. flags through my office. You may also request the flags purchased through my office be flown over the Capitol.
There isn’t a single challenge this nation faces that hard work and Hoosier common-sense can’t fix. That’s why I want to hear from you. If you have a great idea that can help move this country forward submit them to us. Your opinion matters!
Learn more about the Artistic Discovery Contest open to all high school students that live in our Congressional District. You may also fill out an entry form to send to my office.
Fill out an online request to have my office officially recognize the outstanding public achievement of a person who lives in our Congressional district.
If you can't get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, my office may be able to help. You can fill out a form authorizing me to communicate with an agency on your behalf.
Information on the Internship opportunities available in my offices.
Information and instruction for people seeking nomination to a US Military Academy. You may also fill out a form requesting a military academy nomination.
Our office may be able to help you expedite your passport application in an emergency, report lost passports, and monitor overseas travel restrictions.
Birthday, wedding and anniversary greetings from the President may be requested through my office.
My staff is happy to assist constituents with obtaining tickets for tours of the U.S. Capitol and other Washington, DC attractions.
Planning a trip to Washington, DC? You can request a tour or find useful tourism information.
The following information is for veterans. Please contact our office for assistance with any questions or problems you may have.
Information on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Informational links and resources on a wide variety of topics that may be of import or interest to visitors of this website, including: birth certificates, consumer protection, disaster preparedness, federal business opportunities, grants and federal assistance, government resources, identity theft, jobs, missing children, student financial aid and unclaimed property.