Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

Messer endorses spending plan that defunds ObamaCare

Sep 13, 2013
Press Release

Messer endorses spending plan that defunds ObamaCare

(Washington, DC)— Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06) has cosponsored legislation that would defund ObamaCare while continuing government operations for the coming year at a fiscally responsible level.

“We should keep the government open and defund ObamaCare,” said Messer.  “The upcoming debate may be our last best chance to get rid of this big-government monstrosity once and for all.”

Messer is one of 42 original cosponsors of H. J. Res. 62, authored by Representative Tom Graves (R-GA), which is a full-year continuing resolution that would fund the government at post-sequestration levels for the coming fiscal year while fully delaying and defunding ObamaCare until 2015.  The bill sets overall spending at of $967.4 billion and includes the Fiscal Year 2014 Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bills, as passed by the House.

“ObamaCare is not working and this failure has real world consequences for individuals and hard-working families,” Messer said. “It makes no sense to force the American People to suffer through this experiment any longer.”

Messer believes delaying implementation of the health care law for a year will expose additional fissures that soon will hasten its complete repeal, citing the recent resolution passed by the AFL-CIO seeking changes for its members and calling implementation of the law “disruptive” as evidence that the law is losing support even among the President’s most ardent supporters.  He also pointed to the President’s unilateral one-year delay of the employer mandate as proof that the law won’t work.

“Big businesses and labor unions shouldn’t get special breaks from ObamaCare while everyone else suffers,” he said.    “The best course is to delay the law for everybody.” 

Messer has been a strong proponent of repealing ObamaCare since his election to Congress.  He has cosponsored and voted for legislation to repeal and defund the law for everyone.  He also has sponsored legislation (H.R. 2443) to shield schools from the law’s harmful penalties and a bill (H.R. 2577) to exempt most small businesses from the employer mandate.

“I support keeping the government open and protecting my constituents from the harmful impact of ObamaCare,” said Messer.  “This resolution does both.”