Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

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May 27, 2016 News

Since being elected as your Representative in Congress in 2012, I have always been clear - I support religious liberty and oppose discrimination. My vote on the Energy and Water Appropriations Act and its amendments reflect those principles. Last week, Mr. Maloney offered an amendment that would have barred federal contractors from making employment decisions based on one’s sexual orientation

May 19, 2016 News

WASHINGTON — Rep. Luke Messer introduced legislation Wednesday to block the Obama’s administration’s new guidelines that call on schools to allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the gender they identify with.

The Shelbyville Republican’s bill would prevent schools from losing federal funding if they don’t follow the guidelines.

May 13, 2016 News

GREENFIELD--Wayne Mocas proudly displayed his military medals — among them the prized Purple Heart — from World War II, honors that still conjure memories of the years spent serving his country.

But the small pieces of metal and ribbon, those tokens of battles survived in Belgium and France, were shinier, newer, than might be expected for a veteran of a war fought some 70 years ago

Feb 23, 2016 News

It’s been a rough year for conservatives, as the most divisive voices dominate the GOP debate. So Rep. Luke Messer is a welcome diversion, offering calm in an angry era, and ideas amid the rhetoric.

It’s a shame for conservatism that divisive guys such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have become the most prominent political voices on the right this election year

Jan 29, 2016 News

No child should be placed on a wait list to their future. Yet today, more than a million kids in cities across America languish on wait lists for the charter school of their choice. Many more can’t attend the private school of their choice, because their family simply cannot afford it.

The truth is: most families in America have the opportunity to send their child to a great school

Oct 17, 2015 News

Republican Policy Committee Chairman Luke Messer sent a letter to colleagues Thursday proposing a series of conference rules changes, including diversifying leadership ranks and allowing more floor votes on amendments.

Sound familiar?

The second-term Indiana lawmaker’s proposal bears striking similarities

Oct 8, 2015 News

WASHINGTON – Incidents like the police-shooting death of a teenager in Ferguson, Mo., and the death of an unarmed man put in a choke hold by a New York officer affect the public's relationship with law enforcement even in far-away communities like Richmond, Ind., Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa told members of Congress on Tuesday.

"I've seen it firsthand where, just in routine traffic

Sep 30, 2015 News

More than once, U.S. Rep. Luke Messer mentioned a fact that many in his Republican Party, including many who serve with him in Congress, seem to forget.

Here it is: Republicans don’t control everything.

There’s a president with a drawer full of veto pens, Messer noted, and he’s a Democrat, and there’s also a pesky Senate Democratic minority that has more than enough votes to

Sep 30, 2015 News

WASHINGTON--Indiana Rep. Luke Messer, who holds the No. 5 House leadership slot, hasn't decided if he will try to move up now that House Speaker John Boehner is stepping down next month.

"The only thing I'm ruling out today is running for speaker," said Messer, who is chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, hours after Boehner's surprise announcement rocked the Capitol. "

Jun 24, 2015 News

She’s been mistaken for an intern, teased by Paul Ryan for not knowing what “Magnavox” is, and she was a fan of ’90s pop: Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.), 30, is the voice of Republican millennials.

Stefanik on Tuesday began her duty as chairwoman for the first hearing of the Republican Policy Committee’s Taskforce on Millennials.

“This first chair meeting is all about getting