Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

Health Issues

Few laws have expanded government’s role in our everyday lives like the Affordable Care Act. I oppose this law and voted to repeal, delay and defund it entirely. The President’s health care law needs to be replaced with reforms that use competition to lower health care costs and increase its quality. Doctors and patients, not Washington bureaucrats, should make health care and treatment decisions. I have sponsored and cosponsored several bills to help people hurt by the President’s health care law. I introduced legislation to ensure that no one could be fined for not purchasing insurance on an exchange website that doesn't work, to shield schools from the law’s mandates and penalties, and to protect small businesses from its taxes. I cosponsored and voted for the Keep Your Health Plan Act which will allow people to keep their health plans that were cancelled because they didn't comply with the law’s requirements. I have also cosponsored the American Health Care Reform Act, which seeks to solve our nation’s health care challenges through patient-centered, market-based reforms. I will continue working every day to make health care more affordable and fix problems in the health care system, both problems that pre-date the ACA and the many problems that were created by it.