Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana


In our modern society, a good education is one of the keys to a great life. Although a high school diploma used to guarantee a comfortable living, nowadays many college graduates have difficulty finding stable, good-paying jobs and often have a mountain of student loan debt they can’t repay.

While the Federal government has a limited role in elementary and secondary education, it should ensure that all children—regardless of their parents’ income or zip code—have the same opportunity to get the best possible education. That’s why I am a strong proponent of school choice.

In 2014, I formed the Congressional School Choice Caucus, which is dedicated to expanding educational freedom and promoting policies that increase high-quality education options for all children. I also introduced legislation that allows states to use federal education funding to expand education choices.

The Federal government has more responsibility over higher education. Congress needs to encourage colleges to control costs and help ensure more students are graduating sooner with less debt. Eliminating burdensome and unnecessary regulations that add to those costs is a good start. Students and their parents also must have the information they need to make cost-conscious decisions, which is why I introduced legislation the House has passed to make that information more accessible. Federal education policies need to ensure equal access to educational opportunities so our children and grandchildren can have the best chance possible at living the American Dream.