Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

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Are you in the Richmond area and need help with a Federal issue? My staff will be on site at the Richmond Senior Center tomorrow at 11:30 am hosting another one of our "Constituent Services Workshop". We're happy to help out with Social Security, VA, and Disability claims, identity theft issues,

Unfortunately, we live in very scary times. Terrorist organizations like ISIS, and those who are sympathetic to them, are looking to disrupt our way of life. We must be prepared, especially by defending the most vulnerable among us. Recently, I introduced legislation to direct the Department of Hom

Indiana's unemployment rate is improving, but too many of the jobs gained over the past several years aren't the kind needed to get Hoosiers back on their feet. That's why the 6th District Job Fairs are so important. This year, we'll be hosting the 20th annual Muncie Job Fair on Wednesday, August

As Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, I'm excited to announce our new working group on Women in the 21st Century Workforce, chaired by Rep. Martha McSally. There is no one better than Martha to take on this task. Throughout her entire career she has fought to break down barriers and

I am unapologetically pro-life and have been a long-time supporter of efforts to protect the unborn. Millions of people carry out that mission every day. Too often though, they are punished for their personal beliefs. Today, the House passed a bill to prevent the government from discriminating aga

I was shocked when I learned that students who use scholarships to pay for room and board at college are subject to federal income tax. When our kids are facing the highest education costs in our country's history, it doesn't seem fair to force them them to pay taxes on the scholarships they earn.