Congressman Luke Messer

Representing the 6th District of Indiana

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Glad to have La Porte, IN Mayor @BlairMiloLP join us today to talk about challenges facing workers in Northern Ind.


For generations, we’ve called it the American Dream, but it’s really the American promise… Hard work will be rewarded. Unfortunately, for many Americans, that promise no longer rings true. For too many, hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off… wages are stagnant and paychecks have flat-lined. We ne

Today I joined CNBC Squawk Box to talk about our recently launched Task Force for the American Worker and how we can combat stagnant wages.

The steel industry has been a critical part of the Indiana economy for decades, supplying thousands of good-paying jobs and livelihoods to Hoosiers. If we don’t take serious steps to protect American-made steel and steelworkers from unfair trade practices, the Hoosier economy will feel the pain.

In 18 states and the District of Columbia, voters don't have to show any ID when voting. I've authored legislation to help ensure integrity in federal elections by requiring voters to show a photo ID, like we do in Indiana. The legislation would also make sure those who genuinely can't afford a pho

He is risen! Happy Easter!

‪Happy Vaisakhi/National Sikh Day/Creation of Khalsa Day to Hoosier Sikhs and the 30 million Sikhs across the world. ‬