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Representing the 6th District of Indiana

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Our #jobfair in Lawrenceburg was a success! Thank u to all community partners, employers & job seekers who came!


Three new Fed surveys highlight the damage to the labor market caused by the President's health care law. The House has fought tirelessly to defund, repeal and delay this flawed law. When will Harry Reid and other Senate democrats say enough is enough and realize the ACA is hurting more than it's

According to the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, President Obama broke the law by swapping Taliban leaders for Bergdahl

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Schools and Universities should be exempt from the President's health care law. Watch the clip below to find out why.

The House continues to provide real solutions that will improve the lives of Americans and their families...yet, the Senate refuses to take action. Let's expand and update the child tax credit so parents can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Just another example of a common sense bill to help hard-working families that's sitting in the Senate.